• Bev Thomas

    • Bev Thomas

      My name is Beverley Thomas and I am a qualified self-employed professional photographer. I specialise in wedding, portraiture, property and toy photography.

      In 2013 I was approached to teach photography with Springboard and later with Learning Pembrokeshire. As a Springboard tutor I have developed many engaging projects, from recording a sense of place to looking at climate change and its effect on our coastlines.

      The photos Springboard learners have taken on my courses have been exhibited in a number of venues across Pembrokeshire with photo sales enabling Springboard to purchase a whole kit of new cameras for students.

      In 2018 I was part of an amazing project called the John Muir Award getting learners to Discover, Conserve, Explore and Share our great outdoors and capture their journeys on camera.

      Since working with Springboard, I myself have been on my own learning journey. As well as enabling me to get my own John Muir Award, Springboard has also inspired me to complete my BA Hons, achieve my Masters and gain my Professional Digital Marketing Certification.

      With Springboard, you never know where one learning activity leads to.

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