• Abby Williams

    • Abby Williams

      "Springboard gave me a leap of faith"

      After 10 years of poor health and being a housewife, my life had revolved around my son. I hadn't realised how much of myself I had lost.

      Springboard encouraged me to take courses and gave me the opportunity to volunteer at my own pace - this developed my self-esteem.

      Without Springboard's help I would never have found the courage to further my qualifications and enter the job market.

      Springboard put me in touch with Workways who arranged for me to have a 5 month work placement with Pembrokeshire County Council. I am delighted that I now have a temporary contract with Pembrokeshire County Council and am hoping this will lead to permanent employment.

      I owe it all to the support and encouragement of Springboard and Workways. Take a leap and let them "springboard" you to success - I am so glad I did!

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