• Rose Gray

    • Rose Gray

      "Springboard has been life changing"

      Before joining Springboard’s courses I would never have imagined being able to get my dream job. When I started taking part in Springboard courses I didn’t feel as though I knew anyone; I was new to the area and had had to focus on my three children under the age of 4.

      Springboard helped me rediscover my love of learning and get me to feel part of my community! Each class I did saw my confidence grow. And after volunteering for Springboard I went on to get elected as both Town Councillor and Mayor of Milford. Now, after 13 years out of paid work I am employed as the Community Development Officer for Hubberston and Hakin.

      Springboard has been life changing. Springboard has given me the tools I need to change my life.

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